Last year was a remarkable one for brothers Martin and Jan Spies.

Normally their Signs4U company would enjoy a 60-40 split in favour of casinos over arcades. In 2016 it was 90 per cent casino business and mainly because of the opening of Casino Sochi in Russia.
“We did everything to do with signs for this massive development,” said Martin. “We made large signs – four encompassing 18 monitors each – and we made small signs. In all we built 28 signs and then there was the multimedia work as well, with up to 160 channels.”
Sochi was an unusually large project for the company, but it was undaunted by the size and still maintains that it is equally keen to offer the same degree of high service levels to one-off small signs. Whatever the operator wants in signage the company can do and has done so consistently since its formation in 2000.
“At first our business was 80 per cent casinos,” said Martin, “but it settled down as our reputation grew within the arcades sector to somewhere around 60-40, but it was variable. In some years it was 50-50, but 2016 was remarkable.”
A big share of the company’s business is in the Netherlands and there is a growing amount of work for the VLT market in Europe, they report. Other recent markets include Finland, where the Ray monopoly used Signs4U for its VLT operations.
“But they are not all big contracts,” he said.
“We are flexible by being small enough to adjust
to any demands.”
In fact the work for Sochi is not yet completed and some major signs are still on order from the casino. “We had other casino work that year,” he said, “but almost 50 per cent of the total came
from Russia.”

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