Lights go up in Sochi Casino

A partnership between Signs 4U’s Martin Spies, Lucien Wijsman of The Slot Academy and Aleksey Belinskiy of Steelman Partners successfully undertook the huge but prestigious signage package at the new Sochi Casino in Russia, which opened for a soft launch on December 31

LLC Domain, a subsidiary of Singapore’s construction company Silverron International, is operating the new casino. Despite the soft launch, the event was accompanied by a big musical show and spectacular firework display.

Sochi is at the heart of one of the four designated regions of Russia that are permitted licensed casinos.

Together with Stuart McLoughlin, the general manager of the casino, the consortium of specialists put together 28 signs and 30 table signs.

Spies said: “It was a very detailed exercise between the consortium, but we presented the package to the casino management, built the signs and installed everything on time for the opening. We had to adapt some of our models to fit precisely with what the casino wanted, but we achieved it on time.”

Together with furnishing specialist Stylgame, S4U created a bank of machines with an integrated sign-mounted frame unique in the industry. No cabling is visible but the entire unit is portable from one part of the floor to another as there have been no floor-fixed connections.

“The overhead signs are on an LED system connected to our own multi-media displays that have adaptable colours to merge with any décor on the floor and comes with animated celebrations for jackpot wins.”

The media package is also unique with 150 channels in the casino and integrated switching for the table limit signs from the pit bosses’ own control panel. The unique CNario System controls the LED displays that are in this case also mounted outdoors.

“It was an intensive exercise,” said Spies, “but we worked well with the partners in this and with ICT and the casino’s own staff to make it all work.”



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